About Us

Cote Capital is a New York City-based asset manager that developed an IP Capital investment platform to invest in select late-stage R&D projects alongside S&P 500 companies. IP Capital investments drive these select projects to commercial launch and generate revenue royalties to Cote Capital. Cote Capital is led by two partners, Robert Cote and Ralph Faison, each having 25 years experience in IP investments and management.

Robert Cote

Robert created the IP Capital investment platform to address the problem of short-termism afflicting corporate America. He is one of world’s leading IP strategists and trial lawyers, helping clients license and enforce their intellectual property rights from R&D projects in world markets.

His 25 years of experience investing in and helping clients maximize returns on IP investments shaped his vision for IP Capital as a new financing alternative for high value corporate innovation, to help drive long term growth for public and private companies.

Robert leads deal origination and structuring of IP Capital programs, and serves on the investment committee.

Robert has a J.D. from St. John’s University School of Law and a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University.

Ralph Faison

Ralph is a seasoned investor in R&D projects and has served as CEO of two public companies. He joined Cote to execute on the vision for IP Capital as a powerful solution to address the problem of short-termism.

Ralph served as CEO of Andrew Corporation and Pulse Electronics  where he experienced the pressures of short-termism first hand. Previously, Ralph was a General Partner of Lucent New Ventures Group and successfully syndicating capital investments in several Lucent/Bell Labs R&D projects for new product introductions in various high-tech industries.

Prior to joining Lucent, Ralph held various leadership positions at AT&T, including vice president and general manager of AT&T’s wireless business unit and vice president of manufacturing for AT&T’s consumer products unit in Bangkok, Thailand. Ralph also serves on the boards of several public and private companies.

Ralph manages the selection of operating partners at Cote, participates in investment selection, and oversees the governance of IP Capital programs by operating partners. He serves on the investment committee.

Ralph has a Bachelor’s degree from Georgia State University and a M.S. degree from Stanford University, both in Business Administration.