Expert Views on IP

Expert Views on IP

“What Ideas Are Worth: The Value of Intellectual Capital And Intangible Assets in the American Economy” by Kevin A. Hassett and Robert J. Shapiro

what-ideas-are-worth“The United States has become an idea-based economy, measured in very concrete terms.”

“One legal aspect is especially critical to the development and broad application of economically-powerful ideas – the strict protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights. Without such protections and enforcement, innovators have little incentive, especially to develop new technologies, materials and production processes.”

2011 World Intellectual Property Report: The Changing Face of Innovation

the-changing-face“The role of intellectual property (IP) has fundamentally changed. The increased focus on knowledge, the rise of new innovating countries and the desire to protect inventions abroad have prompted a growing demand for IP protection. IP has moved from being a technical topic within small, specialized communities to playing a central role in firm strategies and innovation policies.”

“Difficult trade-offs exist in designing IP rights, not least because IP protection has multifaceted effects on innovative behavior and market competition.”

“Great Again: Revitalizing America’s Entrepreneurial Leadership” by Henry R. Nothhaft and David Kline

Great Again“At the center of this new framework lies the entrepreneurial start-up. Nothing is more crucial to America’s economic future than the high-tech start-up. That’s because … virtually all economic growth and increases in per capita income stem from breakthrough technological innovation. And as our research discovered, the only force in society that creates those transformational technological innovations—the kind that give birth to whole new industries and millions of new jobs—are small start-ups.“

“Patents have always been enablers of new business formation and job creation, today they have become often indispensable to start-up business survival.”

“Rembrandts in the Attic: Unlocking the Hidden Value of Patents” by Kevin G. Rivette and David Kline

“This book is about intellectual property (IP), once considered the most boring subject in the world. Until very recently, in fact, simply mentioning the words patents or intellectual property at a social gathering was guaranteed to invite blank stares. … What changed? Quite simply, the world did. The old industrial era has been supplanted by a new knowledge based economy in which ideas and innovation rather than land or natural resources have become the principal wellsprings of economic growth and competitive business advantage.“

“Intellectual Property is also having an effect on business formation and the capital markets, as start-up firms seeking capital discover that their chances of being funded are much greater if they have patent protection for their risky new ventures.”

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