IP Ecosystem Portfolios

IP Ecosystem Portfolios

The foundation on which great companies are built.


Interlocking Web of Protection. IP Ecosystem portfolios protect the innovations of emerging companies across their core markets and extend that protection to future markets now, not later when it is often too late. These portfolios include intertwined groupings of IP assets of varying breadth (scope multiplicity) that wrap around all aspects of a business ecosystem where a company’s technologies deliver value. Such portfolios minimize uncertainty over an emerging company’s IP rights to a technology, driving creative collaboration among industry players that accelerates innovation and reduces litigation.

Increasing Exit Value. order baclofen no prescription baclofen price in india get this over baclofen gleevec cost per pill horns and workers were confined to a everything in hand now   IP Ecosystem portfolios deliver high IP-based value at exit and greatly improve the chances for a successful exit by aligning an emerging company’s IP assets with the IP-based strategies and goals of larger companies. These portfolios allow entrepreneurs and investors to realize new value from a company’s ideas, beyond the founding team’s ability to execute on delivering a game-changing product or service to market.

Securing Pivots & Future Market Expansion. IP Ecosystem portfolios are essential for emerging companies to establish their competitive edge as they pivot to identify the right technology direction and market(s). These portfolios accelerate the entry of a company’s innovations into markets that might otherwise go untapped or be forfeited in a first-to-file world, thereby securing future market expansion and additional revenue sources for the company.

IP Ecosystem portfolios reduce uncertainty over technology coverage in core markets and secure IP rights in future markets.

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