Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

One company, two engines.


Accelerating Innovation. We invest IP capital in disruptive technology companies. By investing in IP infrastructure (an IP engine) and IP Ecosystem portfolios, we enable these companies to enter markets dominated by larger players, control the use of their technologies in core markets, and secure the IP rights needed to pivot and expand into additional markets.

Transforming Venture Capital. We focus on high growth IP opportunities. Using proprietary IP data analytics (the science of the deal) Cote Capital identifies the best IP investments. We work in complement with traditional venture capital focus on high growth markets and teams (the art of the deal) to build great companies. IP Capital provides the IP engine needed to execute on IP strategy, so the founding team can focus on delivering game-changing products and services.

IP Capital is a new model for unlocking value and fueling growth through IP in disruptive technology companies in today’s New IP Economy.

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