Robert Cote

Robert Cote
Founder & CEO

Cote Capital is working with S&P 500 companies on programs that invest in late-stage new product developments (“IP Infrastructure”) to support long-term growth and job creation (“IP Capital programs”).

Targeted at companies now focused on maximizing short-term returns for shareholders, sacrificing long-term growth.

Generates revenue royalties from new product developments (“IP Royalties”), upon commercialization.

Structured to maximize long-term value creation without adversely impacting a company’s short-term returns.

Robert J. Shapiro

Dr. Robert J. Shapiro
Economist, Advisor

Undersecretary of Commerce, Economic Affairs, President Clinton’s Administration

Kevin. A. Hassett

Dr. Kevin A. Hassett
Economist, Advisor

Advised Cote from inception until becoming Chairman, President Trump’s Council of Economic Advisors

Authors of “The Value of Intellectual Capital in the American Economy,” Sonecon (2012)